Our Expertise

  • Regulatory Impact Assessments (MiFID II, SMR, MAR)

  • DPIA- Data Protection Impact Assessements (GDPR)

  • Target Operating Models

  • Controls - all lines of defence

  • Conduct Risk

  • Value chain

  • Business Case Creation

  • Proposal and Funding 

  • Project Turnaround

  • Business Troubleshooting

  • RFP and RFI handling

  • System Selection




Executive/Board Level Training around GDPR is the best way to get your organisation moving towards compliance. This is conducted by our advisors and is scenario based. The training is delivered over two days in two hour sessions each day at your site. This gives your senior team the chance to learn what they need to know without having to take off whole days to do so.


CEOs can be provided with 1 on 1 training in a different format



Eyestorm Advisors only have vastly experienced professionals working on client mandates


We have a minimum requirement of ten years experience and multiple projects in the area of expertise

Our team include consultants that understand not only the frameworks and regulations but also the legal challenges and delivery trouble spots so clients can take advantage and be first to solve problems and move forward




Product Management

Often forgotten by consultancy and advisory firms , your product is your key to open up the market place. Effective product management, understanding the wider market for both competition and opportunity requires real skill and deep SME knowledge


Eyestorm has expertise in delivering product across all major asset classes front to back. This can be an invaluable tool to organisations that have resource for regulation change and little else at present.



Modern day businesses are and should be perpetually transforming their environments to meet the challenges ahead. Whether transforming business process, IT, headcount or a combination of all three, Eyestorm has the proven expertise to align resources effectively and gain the best outcomes


Being able to respond to the need in the market and build capability quickly is important to make sure valuable time is not wasted. Eyestorm Consulting finds the right people from a deep panel of associates


Confidence around delivery is paramount in acheiving appropriate funding and high levels of engagement 


With proven track records and a deep understanding of the techniques that can be used, Eyestorm gives you the confidence to plan around the delivery of your project or product so uncertainty is never an issue